FFA Area 6 CDE

Congratulations to the participants in the recent FFA Area 6 CDE. Hayden McCarty, an 8th grader at BCMS competed in the Middle School Lawnmower Driving Contest. Hayden had to complete a written test, a problem-solving test, and drive the course correctly. Hayden did a great job representing us.
Also, the BCMS FFA livestock judging team did very well with a very young team. They had to evaluate (judge) two classes of breeding heifers, two classes of hogs, a class of sheep, and a class of goats. They also had to complete a written exam about livestock and give a set of oral reasons. They placed 14th out of 27 teams.
L-R Cody Cothern, Jett Lott, Asher Boatright, and Brennlee McElroy